How the XING Outlook Connector works

You can start using the XING Outlook Connector right away to get more out of your address book, keep in touch and grow your XING network.
Connect Outlook with XING After installing the XING Outlook Connector, to link your XING account: Go to "View", click on the "People pane" and select "Account settings". Select "XING" from the dialog and enter your login details. That's it!
Connect Outlook with XING
Your XING contacts in Outlook
Your XING contacts in Outlook When the XING Outlook is connected to your XING account, a new folder for your XING contacts will appear containing all of your contacts imported from XING, giving you instant access to them.
Your contacts' activity If you update your contact details, add new contacts or share links on XING, you'll be able to see this in your Outlook people pane. The people pane is located in the contact details of every contact and below every e-mail.
Your contacts' activity
Expand your network
Expand your network You can simply send a XING contact request to any Outlook or e-mail contacts you're not connected to on XING.
Please refer to our FAQ if you have any questions.